Do the doves really return home?
Yes they return home after each release. Our doves and handlers undergo many months of training to ensure that they can safely navigate home.    Their ability to return is underpinned by their excellent health, their handler and their breeding.

Is there a particular time of day that the doves can be released?
No, we can release doves at any time during the day as long as there is enough time for them to return home before dusk. We will only book one     release per day to ensure that the doves are rested and fresh for release.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the event/function?
Unless the weather is exceptionally bad (storms, blizzards, etc.) this will not effect the release. If the weather is exceptionally bad we will not release the doves as we will not jeopardize their health and well being. If we cancel the release due to exceptionally poor weather we will happily and promptly return all payments.

Where are the doves available to be released?
We are happy to release the doves in El Paso County and surrounding areas - Horizon, San Elizario, Fabens, Canutillo, Anthony.

Can we hold the doves?
You have the choice of whether to hold them and release them or release them from baskets. If you feel you do not want to, our experienced handlers will be happy to release them for you.

Why white doves?
White doves are known around the world over as a symbol of peace, eternal love and everlasting tranquillity. A dove release symbolizes a romantic and everlasting new beginning to celebrate your occasion.

What part of the service are doves released?
It is all a matter of preference. There can be a lot of creativity in the location and timing of your dove release. A popular way is to release your doves after the ceremony, after a reading (story, poem - several to choose from, etc.) - or during your official photographs.

Does the weather affect the release?
Yes. We will not release the white doves in severe inclement weather (heavy rain, high winds, storm, fog or blizzards). We will offer a suspension of release if a break in the weather is forecast and that is acceptable to our customers, or we will cancel the release and offer a full refund. The welfare and safety of the white doves is our priority.

Will the birds leave droppings on my guests as they fly overhead?
No. They are not fed until after your event so they won't embarrass themselves or your guests.

How do they know to return home?
doves have been studied for many years it is said they navigate by being able to sense the earth's magnetic field. They also have very good eyesight and can see for miles. The birds cannot do this alone, a professional handler needs to train the doves slowly to enhance their natural homing ability.